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12 Interesting Facts About Roses

1. Roses are from the family Rosaceae, with over 100 species and thousands of cultivars, most of which have been bred as garden-variety roses. 2. Roses have been known to be cultivated since ancient times in China, Greece and Babylon, even before gaining popularity in Europe in the 17th century. 3. Certain cultivars have been named after famous people. The “Nancy Regan”, “Elvis” and “Dolly Parton” are some examples. 4. They can be propagated through hard wood cuttings and grafting.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Where there’s romance, roses can’t be far behind. Florists may rush to make deliveries come Valentines, but if you’re one of the lucky few with an entire garden of sweet-smelling roses, then you know just why people bother. No other flower quite captures the tender sentiment associated with the holiday. From being accent plants to forming hedges and arches, roses are a truly versatile flower. They add grandeur to formal terraced gardens and parks or they can be allowed to

The Language of Roses

Rose bouquets are popular choice for Valentine’s Day presents – but did you know that the color and count of blooms in each bouquet holds a special meaning for the recipient? Much of this symbolism has come from Ancient Greece and Rome, but the more modern interpretation we know today came about during Shakespearean times. If you wish to convey something extra special to your loved ones this February, or if you are simply curious, read on to discover the