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12 Interesting Facts About Roses

1. Roses are from the family Rosaceae, with over 100 species and thousands of cultivars, most of which have been bred as garden-variety roses. 2. Roses have been known to be cultivated since ancient times in China, Greece and Babylon, even before gaining popularity in Europe in the 17th century. 3. Certain cultivars have been named after famous people. The “Nancy Regan”, “Elvis” and “Dolly Parton” are some examples. 4. They can be propagated through hard wood cuttings and grafting.

The Meaning of Rose Colors

Roses, just like other flowers, are steeped in symbolic meaning. Upping the symbolism one step is the meaning behind each rose color. With so many colors available, it would seem quite impossible to memorize all their meanings. Here is a guide to the symbolic meaning of some of the rose colors around today. Red Red roses symbolizes romantic love that is passionate and enduring. Red roses are also associated with courage and respect. Pink Pink roses symbolize innocence, gratitude, love