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Your Garden Outline: Tips for Adding Man-Made Features

A crucial element in any garden’s design is its outline. The outline is a garden’s three-dimensional profile. Much of it depends on the trees and shrubs that create shapes and textures but the outline can also be completed by adding man-made features. Whether your garden is an informal cottage garden with minimal structures or a more defined, landscaped one, it is still good to look into helping what nature has already grown. Study your garden in the winter to judge

4 Flooring Options For Your Garden

Aside from plant beds and hedges, another feature in the garden that deserves attention is the garden floor. Here are 4 options for you to consider. 1. Grass Grass lawns are probably one of the most commonly used floor covering in home gardens. A well manicured, verdant lawn always looks beautiful, especially if dressed up with beautiful plants of different shapes and color. One downside is the high maintenance it requires to keep it looking gorgeous. 2. Stones and gravel

Top Three Ways to Draw Out Your Garden Plan

January is a great time to get started on your garden plan for the upcoming planting season. With a garden plan, you can visualize your next garden arrangement, make changes, or experiment with shapes and patterns before having to grab a rake and shovel. Your garden plan can also help you estimate the number of seeds, seedlings, stakes and poles, and sheets of burlap you need – among a number of other things you may need. Even if you have

7 Things to Consider When Garden Planning

Tending a garden can be a very relaxing and enjoyable task. If you’re a novice and would like to try your hand at gardening, here are a few basic things to consider to help you get started. 1. Know your zone Plant hardiness determines a plants ability to grow and survive in a particular area’s climate. Learn about your area in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. 2. Location, location, location Is your garden south-facing and only gets late afternoon