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How to Grow Guava Indoors

Guava is a pulpy, sweet, and juicy fruit that thrives mainly in tropical regions. This cold-sensitive plant is an ideal container tree as it does well indoors in easily achievable conditions. Guava fruit is eaten raw or used as an ingredient in drinks, desserts, jams, and candies. In many parts of the world, the fruit is eaten with a little sprinkling of salt which brings out its sweet and mellow flavor. Guava trees can be grown in containers and can

13 Facts About Guava You Need To Know

1. The guava is a native of Central and South America. 2. It is a fruit bearing tree belonging to the family Myrtaceae, making it related to myrtles. 3. The leaves and bark have medicinal properties. The bark has an astringent quality and is also used to treat diarrhea. The leaves can be used to treat minor cuts and wounds because of its antibacterial qualities. Boiling the leaves in water and using the resulting “tea” can help alleviate skin itchiness