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Growing Grapefruit Indoors

Citrus trees like grapefruit make for fantastic – if unusual, house plants. If you care for your indoor grapefruit plant as recommended below, you may even get sweet smelling flowers and delicious fruit as the seasons pass. Instead of growing from seed, choose a two-to three-year-old dwarf tree from a local orchard or garden store instead. Select a clay, ceramic, or plastic pot slightly larger than the root ball to grow your grapefruit in. It should have several holes at

13 Unusual Uses For Plants, Flowers, Fruits And Vegetables

From art to beauty remedies, here are some uses you might not normally associate with plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Bananas In the Philippines, a banana trunk is sometimes used in large floral arrangements instead of floral foam. Banana peel can be used as shoe polish. Use the underside of the peel (the slippery part). Herbs Use sprigs of herbs instead of a brush to brush on basting liquid or sauce to your grilled meat. This helps add more flavor

4 Easy-To-Grow Fruits

Some might think that fruits are not at all easy to grow in a home garden, but that is far from true. You can easily grow fruit right in your own backyard, balcony, and even indoors. Below are 4 of the easiest fruits you can grow at home. 1. Strawberries Strawberries are probably the easiest fruits to grow, growing well both planted in the ground and even in small containers. So easy in fact, that they can even be grown

13 Kiwi Facts You Need To Know

1. The kiwi fruit is actually a berry. 2. It was named after the kiwi bird, a small and flightless brown-feathered bird native to New Zealand, because of its fuzzy appearance. It also shares its name with the people of New Zealand, affectionately called Kiwis. 3. Despite its name, the kiwi is not a native of New Zealand. It’s actually originally from China, hence its other name, the Chinese gooseberry. 4. The fruit grow from vines, just like grapes. 5.