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10 Facts About Canistel Worth Knowing

Canistels may well be considered exotic on this side of the world, considering it’s not a native fruit and widely available commercially, like apples and oranges. They are however, being grown in Florida. Still, most of us probably don’t know much about it. So, let’s get better acquainted with it. Here are some facts about the golden, canistel fruit. 1. The canistel is a fruit of a fruit-bearing tree native to Mexico and central America, but also grown in parts

13 Facts About The Tamarillo Worth Knowing

1.The tamarillo fruit is the fruit of a subtropical shrub, native to Central and South America. It is said to be one of the lost food of the Incas. 2. Tamarillos are grown as a commercial crop in New Zealand, Ecuador and Colombia. 3. Tamarillos were first introduced in the United States by the USDA from seeds the agency acquired in 1913 and 1926, first planted at a facilty in California. Today, tamarillos are still grown on a smaller scale