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Gardening Jones and her Passion for Gardening

For master gardener Jeanne Kunz Hugenbruch, gardening is not just a solo activity she takes on in her own garden. It’s an activity she shares with the world through the valuable lessons and tips she shares on respected blog, Gardening Jones. GJ, as she is commonly known to her followers, started gardening thirty years ago to provide healthy food for her family. But as the passion and addiction to gardening grew, she couldn’t help but share all her learnings to

Ways to Decorate your Garden for Independence Day

Celebrating independence day shouldn’t be limited to barbecues and fireworks. Make your celebration more vibrant by dressing up your garden in patriotic colors and trimmings for the perfect Fourth of July party setting. Red, White, and Blue Flowers The best patriotic look your garden can sport is one where the actual plants are done up in red, white, and blue. Unlike other methods, this requires more planning and care, but it also has the strongest visual impact. To pull off

4th of July Garden Party Ideas

Adam Baker

Are you planning to throw a garden party for family and friends this 4th of July? What better way to celebrate our great country’s independence than having a great time with good people. Why not make it memorable with these special touches that are sure to brighten everyone’s Independence Day weekend? Here are a couple of fun and easy ideas! Snack Cones Serve snacks like potato chips, popcorn, and mini pretzels in colorful paper cones. To make the cones, cut paper

12 Wedding Favors You Can Get and Make From Your Garden

Here are wedding favors that you can get or make from your very own garden, perfect for garden weddings this summer. 1. Potted herbs Herbs, and other plants for that matter, make fabulous housewarming gifts but also make for good wedding favors. Plant them in small pot and bag in jute gift bags for a rustic wedding favor. Got a favorite recipe using those herbs? Print them out onto card stock and include it in the bag. 2. Sunflower A

Getting Started with Succulent Gardening

Even in the driest of seasons and the harshest of weather, succulents thrive beautifully, drawing upon the built-in reservoir of water within its leaves. Coupled with the ease with which it grows and how easy it is to propagate, you can see why it has become a very popular kind of plant among beginner and seasoned gardeners alike. These hardy plants are bold, brightly colored, and come in a variety of forms to suit every garden. With their distinctive shapes,

Tips For A Backyard And Garden Wedding

June is wedding month, and for those dreaming of becoming June brides, an outdoor wedding is often part of their dream wedding. A garden in full bloom would be the perfect backdrop for an outdoor summer wedding. Host a wedding (yours, a family member’s or a friend’s) right in your backyard. If your garden is in full summer bloom, then you’re in luck. Instant wedding décor! You can also save on money by cutting some of them and using them

How to Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers brighten up any garden and bring sunshine to any room, and it’s easy to see why gardeners love them – they are easy to grow and are quite resilient too! If you plan to take advantage of the last few weeks of summer to grow a patch of these cheerful and hardy flowers, here’s an easy guide for you to follow. Sunflowers grow best in locations with full sun. They do fine in soils that are slightly acidic to somewhat

Tips for Efficient Drought Gardening

Droughts are a bane to everyone, more so on gardeners who rely on water to ensure the health of their plants. The lack of adequate water can dry up plants faster than you can say irrigation and weaken previously thriving plants. The damaging effects of a drought can spillover to other seasons, doing long-lasting damage on your trees and perennials long after the drought has passed. Add to that any guilt you may feel for “wasting” water on plants when

Six Yummy Green Smoothies

Some days, you just don’t wanna eat your veggies. When the thought of eating a salad or vegetable soup is enough to send you to the phone to call for pizza or Chinese takeout, why not head for your blender instead? Check out these delicious drinkable meals full of fresh fruit and veggies that are oh-so-good for you? Spinach Orange Smoothie Ingredients 1 navel orange, peeled and sliced 1/2 banana, peeled and sliced 1 cup tightly packed organic spinach 1/4

Plant Suggestions for a Low Water Garden

Water is one of Mother Earth’s most precious resources, and we as gardeners should do our part in conserving and protecting it. Many home owners have started switching to low-water gardens – eliminating plants that have high water requirements in extreme heat conditions, such as garden sod, rose bushes, and exotic species. These plants are being replaced with hardier plants that are used to more arid climates – including Mediterranean plants, dessert plants, and cacti and succulents. If you’re considering

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