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How To Plant Succulents In Containers

Succulents have gained immense popularity as houseplants in the last couple of years, thanks in part to social media sites and online blogs. They are very easy to care for, requiring little care and nurturing, making succulents perfect for someone without a green thumb. Planting them is very easy. Read on to learn how. What you’ll need Succulent plants Pick your succulent. Choose a single plant or a mix of different succulents. For mixed containers, select plants based on size,

6 Vegetable Garden Alternatives For The Space-Challenged

Would you like to have your own vegetable garden, but space is an issue? No problem! Here are some alternatives to having your own vegetable garden right at home so you can enjoy growing your own crops. 1. Container pots and planters If you live in an apartment with a sunny balcony, use pots and planters to plant your crops in. This will also work in home gardens if space is limited, or if your backyard is cemented or paved,

Garden In A Pot

Container gardens maybe the perfect solutions for small spaces, but they work just as well in big gardens, breaking up the monotony and adding some flair. Design and make a container garden today. Group together different potted plants or make a container with a mix of different plants. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making one for your home. 1. Do your design. When designing a container garden, consider using varying heights, textures, sizes and colors