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The 6 Most Common Pests that Attack Grapefruit and Other Citrus Plants

While growing your grapefruit tree indoors can help reduce the number of pests that can affect it, there may still be one or two bugs lurking around and waiting for the chance to attack your precious houseplants. Here are six of the most common pests that may attack your grapefruit tree and other indoor citrus plants. Citrus Leafminer This nasty pest mines through young leaves and stems, making them curly, unsightly, and unhealthy-looking. Spraying with horticultural oil every 3 weeks

How to Kill Aphids: Top 6 Ways

Aphids are one of the most widespread garden pests – killing plants and annoying gardeners from New England to Southern California. While you always have the option of reaching for chemical pesticides, there are other cheaper and less harmful ways to control aphid populations. Check out our top six tips! Dishwashing Detergent Materials 900 ml water 50 ml dishwashing detergent (citrus variants work best) 50 ml cooking oil Directions Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle and shake well. Spray

How to Manage Indoor Plant Pests: Spider Mites and Aphids

There are many kinds of pests that can damage your indoor plants, but there are also plenty of ways to control them without having to reach for harsh chemical pesticides. In this series of posts on Rake & Shovel, we can show you some ways to help control indoor plant pests without resorting to all-out chemical warfare. Spider Mites Spider mite or red-spiders appear as tiny dots moving over the plant surface. They have fine piercing mouthparts and feed by