Ways to Decorate your Garden for Independence Day

Celebrating independence day shouldn’t be limited to barbecues and fireworks. Make your celebration more vibrant by dressing up your garden in patriotic colors and trimmings for the perfect Fourth of July party setting.


Red, White, and Blue Flowers

The best patriotic look your garden can sport is one where the actual plants are done up in red, white, and blue. Unlike other methods, this requires more planning and care, but it also has the strongest visual impact. To pull off your red, white, and blue garden, select perennials and annuals that have bright colored blossoms.

Plant your red, white, and blue flowers as early as you can to give you time to alter your plans in case it doesn’t work out. Trim the spent blooms as often as needed to ensure lush blossoms come July 4. You can either keep them at similar heights for a uniform look, or at staggered heights for a multi-layered look that alternates between colors.

What flowers to pick

Some flowers are available in the three flag colors, so if you’re going for a uniform look, petunias, impatiens, lobelias, verbena, pansies, and bachelor’s buttons can provide the desired effect. These flowers are excellent if you’d like to do a top view rendition of the flag as the consistency will help the shapes come together better, much like how a mosaic renders a bigger piece with homogenous components.

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If you prefer a more casual approach, using a variety of flowers in the set colors can provide a free yet stable look. The differences in their heights, formations, and foliage will provide a dynamic look which will complement the unwavering red, white, and blues.


Choose salvia, geraniums, poppies, zinnias, begonias, mums, snapdragons, bee balm, summer phlox, vinca, and celosia for red; geraniums, alyssums, shasta daisies, mums, snapdragons, asiatic lily, balloon flowers, and zinnias for white, and ageratum, blue bells, false indigo, larkspur, clematis, and salvias for blue.

Do note that these blue flowers tend to lean towards light blues and violets, as the bright blue that matches the one on the flag is seldom found in nature. Nevertheless, the overall appeal of the three colors set against each other will surely evoke strong feelings of pride and patriotism.

Potted flowers

Even if you haven’t had the chance to grow red, white, and blue blooms, you can appropriate the look by going for cut flowers in large vases. Realistic looking fake flowers can work too, especially when displayed within a setting of real greenery and flowers.

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Red, White, and Blue Lights

Don’t let sunset spoil your garden’s patriotic look. Hang red, white, and blue fairy lights above and through your flower beds to light the place up and to cast a colorful glow on them. Choose a set (or sets) designed for outdoor use so you don’t have to worry about leaving them out long. If you’d rather not hang string lights in your trellises, colored bulbs on your porch are also an option.

Props for Quick Fixes

Add a quick patriotic touch to your gardens with small cloth or paper flags, stars taped on sticks, or large flag-themed pinwheels. Stake these throughout your garden for an instant makeover. If you have existing stakes for your creepers, utilize these by adding red, white, and blue trinkets on them. Foil stars taped on twigs can also add some pizzazz to your plant beds.


Need dividers for your plots? Skip the usual dividers and use red, white, and blue ribbons. These aren’t just pretty, they’re functional as well and can stay up long after Independence Day has passed. Into using stones to create paved paths along your garden? Use colored red, white, and blue pebbles instead.

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Add a splash of temporary color to your clay pots with a bit of colored chalk. Scribble symbols like stars and stripes on them. If your pot surfaces won’t take chalk, drape them with paper flags or more ribbon.

Whether you’ve had months to plan and prepare, or adding some last minute decorations, dressing your garden up for the celebration is a surefire way to make July 4 even more memorable. Decorate today before you fire up the grill, then start planning for next year’s patriotic garden tomorrow.