Three Easy Ways to Conserve Water During Drought Season

Most people think that saving on water during the dry months is a huge sacrifice — and it is, especially if you live in hot and dry areas like California or Nevada. However, there are also small ways that everyone can do to help conserve water, drought season or not. Here are three quick and easy ideas.

Use a watering can, not a hose.

By using a watering can, you can save up to 40% of the water you would’ve wasted if you watered your garden or lawn with a hose instead. It’s also a great way to get some exercise, as lifting the watering can and making side-to-side motions with it it similar to using a kettle bell or a medicine ball for your workout.

Use a broom to clean your deck and not a pressure wash.

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Just like using a watering can to conserve water, cleaning your deck with a broom or a brush uses up less water than using a pressure wash — a whopping 60% too! You can use the water you saved for much more important uses like cooking, washing up, or showering.

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Save water from making pasta or rinsing vegetables.

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If you used up a lot of water during the cooking process, instead of letting it go down the sink, you can strain it into a bucket and use it to water your yard and garden. And if you’re worried about bad bacteria that make come from waste water, just add a little much to your soil and it will help keep the germs down.