Three Alternative Ways to Water Your Garden During a Drought

Saving water for your garden during the drought season doesn’t just mean cutting back on water usage. Sometimes, all it needs is a bit of creativity when sourcing your water to get the job done. Here are three out-of-the ordinary ways you can keep watering your garden even during dry months.

Arlington Country

Arlington Country /

Use a Rain Barrel

Collecting rain water is a super practical method to stock up on water before droughts. Keep a few garbage cans or other large clean barrels somewhere in your yard, especially at the ends of the gutters. These barrels will collect water when it does rain.

Nic McPhee

Nic McPhee /

Recycle Kitchen Water

Can collect waste water used to wash your vegetables or from the second rinsing of your dishes and add it to your rain barrels outside. You can also use water that was used for boiling pasta or sterilizing kitchen utensils as it will not hurt the plants at all.

Jessica Reeder

Jessica Reeder /

Use Soaker Hoses

You can buy a premade soaker hose, or you can make one by poking an old hose with holes every six inches, and attaching a stopper at the other end so that water does not flow out. Be sure to not make the holes too large, also check that the water is at a low setting so moisture drips out and not sprays out of the holes.

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