Pond In A Pot

A container pond is a great way to add a water feature in an otherwise tiny space. You can place it in a small garden, the front porch, a patio, even indoors.


The basics

Container. Anything that can hold water: a big plant container or planter made of ceramic, cement or clay; a galvanized tub; a trough or wooden barrel.

Aquatic plants. Choose from a mix of underwater plants, marginal and floating plants.

Water. Because a pond is just sad without water.

Gravel and river stones


Pick and prepare your container

Any container that can hold water is a good candidate to be turned into a container pond. If you choose to use a terracotta planter or pot, first seal the inside by applying a water-proofing membrane or paint that’s safe to use for fishponds before proceeding to use it. And permanently plug drainage holes while you’re at it.

Buy your plants and other supplies

Choose from a variety of aquatic plants such as water lilies and other floating plants, marginals such as reeds and some irises. Check out our easy how-to guide on planting aquatic plants.

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Put it together

It’s very easy. Simply place the pot in the desired location. Put in your gravel(which is optional, really), fill it with water, add in your plants, and your done!


If you’re placing it indoors, on the front porch or on the patio, it’s a good idea to place the container pond on pot stands or “feet” to keep moisture from forming at the bottom which could potentially ruin your wooden floors. Some cinder blocks or sealed clay bricks will do.

To place the plants at their proper placement depths, especially for marginal plants (those growing on the edges or shallow parts of the pond), simply place bricks in the container until you reach the desired depth and place the plant pot on top.


Illuminate the container pond using underwater lighting systems that you can find online and at your local pond or aquarium specialists.

Mosquito killer
If mosquitoes are a problem in your area, stop them from breeding in your container pond by throwing in some mosquito pest control granules.

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Or keep some fish
Especially those that can’t resist tiny wrigglers in the water.

Speaking of fish, if you’d like to add them to your container pond you’ll be needing the following:
A filter. A corner aquarium filter will do. Just choose a size that’s right for your container.

An aerator pump. With plastic tubing and and air stone to diffuse the air into tiny, gentle bubbles.

Have a great time making your container pond!