How to Make a Simple Backyard Hammock

It’s the beginning of summer, and everyone is looking forward to spending lazy days in the back yard soaking up the sun. Why not make the experience more enjoyable and more memorable by making and putting up a simple backyard hammock? All it talks is some fabric, rigging supplies, and a knack for using a sewing machine. Check out this easy how-to!



3 yards of canvas or other sturdy fabric
15 feet of 1 inch webbing 
matching thread
2 climbing carabiners


Use the whole length and width of the three yards of fabric (about 60 inches wide). Hem all edges of your fabric.  Fold over the short ends of the fabric for about five inches, press and pin. Sew several lines on this fold to reinforce its strength. Sew the first line across about one and a half inches from the folded edge.  As you sew, move your pins down so that they’re already in place to sew your next line. Sew about seven lines on each end. 

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For each tree strap, create loops by sewing a boxed-in X. Cut the webbing into four pieces: for the short straps that are threaded through the ends of the hammock, cut two pieces about two feet long. For the long tree straps, cut the rest of webbing you have left in half. 

For each tree strap you make you will create loops on each end. To create the loop, fold the webbing over itself so that the loop is folded over 3 inches. Start sewing your box one and a half inches down from the folded edge and all the way to the end.

Attach both ends of the short tree straps to the carabiner and one end of the long tree strap that is attached to the tree to the carabiner as well. Be sure to use real carabiners that will support a person’s weight! Simply loop the strap around the tree (a few times if the tree is thin) and then slip one end through the loop on the other end of the tree strap and pull tight. 

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