How To Lay A Brick Path

Brick paths, like gravel paths, are beautiful additions to your garden that you can install quite easily on a dry, warm weekend. Here’s how in 5 easy-to-follow steps.


1. Define your path.

Define where your path will be. Define it’s shape using a garden line.

2. Prepare the area.

Prepare the area by removing turf. Dig the area deep enough. Remove big rocks and anything big embedded in the ground. You want your base to be clear of anything as much as possible. Make edges to serve as your frame by putting down bricks applied with mortar to the outer edges of the excavation.


3. Add sand and gravel.

Bring in a mixture of sand and gravel and completely cover the entire path area with it. The mixture should be at least 2 inches thick. Once level, add in another layer of coarse sand. Level the sand with a piece of straight wood, making sure the surface is even.

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4. Lay your bricks.

Lay the bricks one by one in whatever pattern you wish, keeping in mind to space them evenly.Cut bricks to size when needed to accommodate your design. Tap into place using a rubber mallet and block of wood or a flat-plate vibrator.


5. Add more sand.

Once you’ve finished laying all the bricks, it’s time to fill in the gaps between the bricks with more sand. Spread the sand using a broom or a floor brush,making you sure you get into all the gaps between the bricks. Tamp down with the vibrator, repeating until the sand has set and the bricks are firmly in place. Sweep off the remaining sand.