Garden In A Pot

Container gardens maybe the perfect solutions for small spaces, but they work just as well in big gardens, breaking up the monotony and adding some flair. Design and make a container garden today. Group together different potted plants or make a container with a mix of different plants. Here are a few things to keep in mind when making one for your home.

1. Do your design.

When designing a container garden, consider using varying heights, textures, sizes and colors of plants to create visual interest. You make also add other decorative elements, such as a small bird house, an old wooden wheel or even a mini statue for more impact.


2. Choose your container.

Choose whatever container you want. It can be anything: a big traditional clay pot, a barrel, even an old porcelain bathtub. The important thing is that it can hold soil and allow water to drain out.


3. Select your plants.

As stated above, choose plants that have varying heights, colors and textures to create visual impact. For mixed containers, choose plants with similar watering and sunlight needs.

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4. Gather your materials.

You already have your container and your plants. You’ll need a potting mix, some pebbles, gravel, or rocks for drainage and stability, mulch, digging tools, and gloves.


5. Put it together.

First, add a thin layer of rocks on the bottom of the container. This will aid in draining water as well as help stabilize the container. Next, add in a layer of potting mix, lightly pat down. One by one, start transferring your plants to the pot. Arrange your plants in the design you’ve made. Add in more soil and almost fill the top, leaving some space for mulch. Water thoroughly.