Four Supercool Gadgets for Your Garden


Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be “planted” close to a plant, indoors or outdoors, in a pot or in open ground. It precisely measures, in real time, the parameters that are crucial for the growth and good health of plants: soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity. The data retrieved by the Parrot Flower Power is sent to your Smartphone or Tablet using Bluetooth low energy technology, allowing it to communicate with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. It also has a dedicated app that will then connect your Flower Power to the Parrot Cloud (via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi), where the data is analyzed. Using the application, users can select their plants from the database in the Parrot Cloud, which has been developed by botanists. More than 6,000 varieties are listed and custom advice is given on maintaining each plant.


Hozelock Auto Aquapod

The AquaPod is an ingenious an automatic watering system than can help you keep between 10 and 39 potted plants alive. The kit comprises two green cylindrical AquaPod pumps, a series of flexible hoses and drippers, and an AC1+ water computer that you can program to get the AquaPod automatically watering for you. Hozelock says the AquaPod takes just five minutes to set up and uses 90 percent less water than a watering can — so it’s eco-friendly, too.

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PLM-UniLED-solar tile-650-80

PLM UniLED Solar Tiles

Made from clear polycarbonate, the lights contain a Ni-MH cell with a average life of 5 years, or can last for 10 years if married with a capacitive discharge cell. They automagically light up at dusk and should have enough juice to last for 8 hours – great then for that all-night garden party. These tiles are also more durable than your average dollar store solar lighting solution,a nd will be more bang for buck in the long run.


Brinno GardenWatchCam

The GardenWatchCam is an easy-to-use time lapse camera that stores photos that you can view on your computer or tablet. There are 7 different time setting options. The first 6 settings are chosen by opening the camera and turning the switch to the desired time (1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 24 hours). The seventh (custom) setting is customizable with a few simple instructions. The device “sleeps” between photos to conserve battery life. Watch your house being built, wasps, spiders or a bird building a nest.

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