How To Build A Simple Raised Bed

Raised beds are great to plant vegetables and crops in. It makes the work easy because you don’t have to be bent over as much when tending to your crops. Here’s a way to make a simple raised bed using wood in 5 easy steps.


1. Gather your materials and equipment. You’ll need some lumber such as pine or cedar planks, galvanized deck screws or nails, a tape measure, pencil, saw, a drill and a screwdriver (hammer if you’re using nails).


2. Measure the size of the wood you need to make a frame out of the wood. This will depend on the place where the planter will be used and the type of crops you’ll be planting. Ideally, the frame should be rectangular or square in shape and at least 1 foot high. Measure out 4 sides, as well as 4 support posts. Support posts should be at least 4 inches wide and as high as the frame. Adjust the dimensions accordingly when needed.

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3. Cut the wood using the saw. Once you’re done, measure and mark where you’ll be driving in the screws (or nails, if that’s what you’re using).


4. Drill pilot holes that are evenly spaced on all wood pieces. Align the pieces together to form the frame, driving a screw into each pilot hole. Attach a support post on the inside of each corner to make the frame corners stable. For bigger raised beds, add a brace in the center for added stability


5. Once formed, you can leave the frame as is or stain it with your choice of wood stain. You may now bring your raised bed frame to it’s desired location and proceed to fill it with soil and your choice of crops. Happy planting!