4 Flooring Options For Your Garden

Aside from plant beds and hedges, another feature in the garden that deserves attention is the garden floor. Here are 4 options for you to consider.

1. Grass


Grass lawns are probably one of the most commonly used floor covering in home gardens. A well manicured, verdant lawn always looks beautiful, especially if dressed up with beautiful plants of different shapes and color. One downside is the high maintenance it requires to keep it looking gorgeous.

2. Stones and gravel


Stones and gravel are used mainly for paths and driveways, but those may also be used as ground cover. It’s a low maintenance alternative to grass lawns, working especially well in place of lawn grass in areas that are dry and have little water.

3. Paving materials


Paving materials are popular in landscaping, and there are plenty to choose from. There are big concrete and stone slabs, clay bricks and pavers in different shapes and sizes, cobble stones and even paving materials made out of recycled plastic and rubber. Use them instead of grass in courtyards and as patio flooring, bases for paths, plant bed edging, or as frames for your lawn.

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4. Plant ground cover


Ground covers plants, such as mondo grass, are good alternatives to grass lawns. These come in varying heights, texture and color, and provide a lush looking carpet on the ground. Use them in areas of the garden that wouldn’t get walked on much, or where lawn grass would normally not thrive. You can also use them in flower beds and in between pavers to soften the look.