Three Tips for Your Spring Garden

With the holiday festivities winding down and many garden owners looking forward to the spring planting season, this lull in between is the perfect time to get a head start and get some basic planning down. But where do you even begin? Here are some ideas to help you get the ball rolling for spring:

Credit: Parvin /

Credit: Parvin /

The Year in Review

How was your previous year? How many seedlings and cuttings grew to full maturity? How many plants were damaged by the weather, wild animals, neighborhood pets, and other factors? Were your plants healthy and productive, or were there issues that had to be dealt with such as pests, insects, and disease? By making a concrete list of all the highlights and the difficulties of the previous year, you can adjust your upcoming planting season to take advantage of small victories as well as lessen possible failures.

Credit: Parvin /

Credit: Parvin /

Try Something New

We all have our favorites – but why not try something new for the upcoming planting season? It may be something that you did not think you’d like such as a new variety of your favorite flower (we are partial to carnations ourselves), or something that you’ve never had fresh from your own garden such as a new kind of leafy vegetable.

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You can also try your hand at growing a different kind of garden – if you do mostly ornamentals you can make a vegetable patch, or if your backyard is full of vegetables you can extend it to grow an herb garden. It’s not just something fun and different to try — many fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be harvested and processed for use year round, which is better for your health and also saves you money.
Get Others Involved

Have your kids or grandkids, or your friends and neighbors, involved in your garden. Start them on growing and harvesting food, so they too can enjoy the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that you get from a job well done. Best of all, you can cook a delicious meal with them to share in the fruits of your labor. Nothing says “Good job!” better than a ripe and juicy tomato and feta salad or a handful of fresh peas in lemon butter.

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