Three Great DIY Hammock Ideas

Summers are made for lazing out in the backyard, napping under a tree in a comfy hammock. But instead of heading for your local furniture store to buy one, why not make a hammock yourself? Not only will you be able to save a bit of money, but it’s also a great way to upcycle things that would’ve otherwise gone to the dumpster.

cmylaconner / Pixabay

Pallet Hammock

Grab a couple of shipping pallets and screw them together laterally until they’re nice and sturdy. Drill holes on one of each corner – just enough to fit the hanging ropes through. Suspend the ropes from sturdy tree branches and knot securely. To finish it off, add a few pillows and some throws and you’re all set.

Drop Cloth Hammock

Another affordable way to make a hammock is use a canvas drop cloth that can be purchased cheaply from a hardware supplies store or just use a clean one that’s hanging around your house. Just sew tabs on either end, then thread a sturdy rope through the tabs. Tie the rope around a thick tree branch and enjoy.

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Bed Sheet Hammock

Last but not least, the most affordable and the easiest way to create a hammock is use an old bedsheet. You don’t even need to sew tabs on the ends: just make a loop by folding the end in and securing it with ropes. You can then thread the main anchor rope through the loop and then secure it around a thick tree branch.