Plants For A Cutting Garden

So you’ve finally decided to have a cutting garden. The next step is deciding what you’re going to plant in it. For beginners, it’s best to start with a smaller, more manageable number of plants. Don’t limit yourself to just flowers though, as some plants that have beautifully colored and patterned leaves also look good in arrangements. Below are some plants for you to consider planting.


Roses have long been popular as a cut flower. Roses that are long stemmed and have big flowers are perfect for the cutting garden.



Carnations, along with other Dianthus flowers, are popular cut flower choices. Cut flowers regularly to encourage your carnation plant to keep blooming.


Chrysanthemums are easy-to-grow plants with flowers that come in a wide range of colors.


Heliconia psittacorum and Bird of Paradise

These flowering plants are so easy to grow in warm climates and look good on their own or in tropical arrangements.

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These long-stemmed flowers have a wide range of colors and look great in tall vases.


A very popular spring flower, tulips are lovely both on their own and in a mixed bouquet.



A wild flower popular in mixed wild flower arrangements.


Usually used as hedges, hydrangeas start blooming in early spring and flowers well into autumn with big clusters of flowers that look like pompoms.


Peonies have big, beautiful flowers perfect for arranging in a vase and bouquet. Use one big bloom as a focal point for a mixed bouquet.



Callas are long-stemmed flowers renowned for it’s sophisticated elegance. Callas come in white and other colors, and can be used in a mixed bouquet of flowers, but it’s beauty shines best when it’s on its own, arranged in a tall clear vase.


These bright flowers are perfect in summer arrangements.


Irises are great for cutting because of their delicate and colorful flowers. Flower sizes vary so there’s definitely one to suit your needs.

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Gladiolas are another tall variety of flowers with a wide range of colors that can add height to an arrangement.

Day lilies

One stem can hold a few blooms that are large enough for an arrangement or a bouquet. Day lilies come in a wide range of colors and  blooming times.