Organic Fertilizers? Really?

The search for organic fertilizers can lead gardeners and farmers up some pretty strange alleys. Things that you would normally not think of using in your garden are fair game for organic farmers.

We give you three of the strangest, but also the most effective organic plant food options that you can use for your indoor and garden plants.

Fish Tank Water Fertilizer


The next time you clean out your freshwater fish tank, don’t throw out the dirty tank water! Strain it into a bucket and use it to water your plants like you would with plain water.

The dirty water from your fish tank is full of nitrogen and other nutrients, and are a perfect food supplement for plants. But be careful! Using water from a saltwater fish tank can kill your plants!

Your used fish tank water contains nitrogen and other nutrients that plants require.

Vinegar Fertilizer


Combine 1 tbs white vinegar and 1 gallon of water. Use this solution to water your plants once every three months. The acetic acid in vinegar works great for acid-loving plants like roses, camellia, and rhododendron.

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Fireplace Ash Fertilizer


Place fireplace ash over your garden beds, and massage it into the soil. Fireplace ash fertilizer is a great source of potassium and calcium carbonate and will replace your need for lime.

But be warned: do not use fireplace ash around acid-loving plants, or if your soil is alkaline. For acid-loving plants, use the Vinegar Fertilizer solution instead.