How To Plant Potatoes

Potatoes are usually planted in March, but you can still plant them in April and May. Main crop potatoes planted at this time can be harvested in the summer through autumn which is about 15 weeks after planting. A second crop can be harvested around December from an August planting. Get seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are what you need to start planting. These are small potato tubers about the size of a small egg that have small shoots-called eyes- already coming out. You can plant this directly in the ground or you if the seed potatoes are large enough, then you can cut them into pieces, making sure each cut has at least two eyes on it. Below are two simple ways to planting potatoes right at home:


Planting potatoes in the garden

Work the land. When the soil is workable, dig rows of a straight, shallow trench about 5 inches deep. The rows should be spaced at least 2 feet apart.

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Lay the potatoes. Eye side up, lay the potatoes in the bottom, spacing them at least 1 foot apart.

Bury it. Cover the the potato tubers with the excavated soil.


Planting in containers

Select your container. You can plant potatoes in big buckets, drums, old wood barrels, sacks and plastic growing bags. If using buckets and the like, make sure that you create drainage holes for the water to seep through.

Plant it. Start the planting processes by adding a layer of compost or planting medium, about 2 inches. Lay your seed potatoes with the eyes side up. Space them evenly. The amount of tubers to put in a container is determined by the size of the container being used: for example, a five gallon bucket could probably hold 3-4 small tubers.

Cover the tubers with soil. Place in a sunny area.

Bury some more. Once the shoots have emerged, cover them with more soil. Keep covering as the shoots emerge, until you’ve filled the container.

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There you have it. Two ways to plant potatoes right at home. Potatoes love a good drink of water, so don’t forget to water them regularly. Happy planting!