How to Grow Snapdragons in Containers

Snapdragons (also called dragon flowers) are pretty fblowers that are said to resemble to the face of a dragon that opens and closes its mouth when squeezed. The snapdragon actually has a floral meaning that can mean two different things, it can be a sign of a gracious lady, or it can be a sign of deception, you can take your pick and have it your way.

Inga Munsinger Cotton

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You can easily grow snapdragons in pots, and they thrive well in cooler climates. Fill peat pots with a seed-starting medium the night before you start plating your seeds. Soak the medium thoroughly and allow it to drain several times, until the seed-starting medium is a dark brown color and moist to the touch. Move the pots into a room that is 60 to 70 degrees and allow them to come to room temperature overnight.

Scatter a few snapdragon seeds in the center of each peat pot, lightly pressing them into the medium with your fingers. Leave them uncovered, snapdragon seeds require light to germinate. Place each peat pot into a clear plastic bag if you only have a few, or cover a tray containing your pots with heavy plastic wrap to keep the humidity high.

Dwight Sipler

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Monitor the seeds carefully over the next 10 to 14 days. Remove the plastic cover when at least 75 percent of the seedlings have emerged and place the pots in a sunny window. Water them regularly over the next six to eight weeks to prevent them from drying out.

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Fill a large, well-draining pot with enough potting soil to reach within 2 inches of the rim. Open up holes in the potting soil about 6 inches apart and plant your young snapdragons in them, peat pot and all, keeping the top of the snapdragons’ root balls even with the top of the pot’s soil. Water the pot thoroughly and place in a protected, shaded outdoor location.

Dwight Sipler

Dwight Sipler /

Move the pot gradually into a full sun location over the next two weeks, exposing the tender young plants to a little more sun every day. Reduce the time in the sun if the young snapdragons show any signs of yellowing or browning and keep them well-watered.