Five More Easy to Grow Vegetables

We already shared a list of five vegetables that are easy to grow and are perfect for summer planting for rookie gardeners. If you think you can handle a bit more of a challenge, why not sow five more plants that are perfect for the season?



Carrots can be planted in spring or late summer. They prefer cooler climates, and do best in deep, loose soil. Seeds sprout easily, producing a million teeny plants that must be thinned. When tops are two inches tall, pull out enough small ones to leave room for bigger ones to mature.



Radishes do well in containers as well as garden beds. Seeds can be planted in early spring as soon as you can work the soil. They mature and are ready to be eaten within about three weeks! These can be grown together with carrots, helping to break down the surface for weaker carrots to come through. Early spring radishes are milder in flavor, and the heat of summer produces spicier radishes.

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There are many varieties of leaf lettuce you can choose from. Plant as seeds or young plants, making sure they’re placed in afternoon shade and get plenty of water. Pull leaves off heads as they mature to create fresh, crisp salads! A second crop can be started for fall when the blazing hot weather has passed.



Plant your tomatoes after the last frost has thawed. Tomatoes are easiest to grow from starter plants. Choose a sunny, warm spot and stake plants to keep them from flopping over when fruit gets heavy. Try a cherry tomato plant if you want a sweet snack in the garden until the fall frost arrives.



Peppers are also grown easiest from small starters, planted after the danger of frost has passed. They prefer moist soil, and benefit from being staked as they grow upright. Peppers can be picked at any size you prefer.