Five Impossible-to-Kill House Plants

Not everyone has a green thumb – there are would-be gardeners who have a brown, purple, or orange thumb. They have accidentally damaged or even killed their plants through neglect, being overly enthusiastic with the watering can, or letting pests get the better of them.

Fortunately, there is hope for their kind. Here are five indoor plants that are virtually impossible to kill, even by the most untalented of prospective gardeners.



Geraniums are great houseplants that flower all year in a sunny window. Look for varieties with red, pink, white, orange, or multicolored blooms. Or choose a scented type with wonderfully fragrant foliage. Regardless, most types hold up well if you miss a watering or two. They do best in bright light and can grow or trail several feet.

Silver Jade Plant

Silver jade plant bears silver-green leaves often edged in reddish purple. It does best in bright light, eventually becoming a small tree up to six feet tall.

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Desert Rose


Desert rose shows off thick gray stems, leathery dark green leaves, and bold red, pink, or white flowers in spring. It does best in bright light and can grow up to five feet tall.



Aloe has earned its place in many homes for its ability to soothe skin and help burns heal. It’s a slow-growing plant that eventually grows up to feet tall and wide. Aloe prefers bright light and occasional sips of water.

Sago Palm

This slow-growing cycad has become a popular houseplant because it’s so easy to care for and it fits a wide variety of decor styles. It grows best in medium to bright light and can grow up to five feet tall.