8 Supports For Your Climbers And Runners

Certain crops and ornamental plants, such as vines and trailing bushes, a support is needed to give them stability, shape and structure. It also makes harvesting crops such as peas, beans and cucumbers much more easier. Below are 6 things you can use to support your climbers and runners.


1. Bamboo canes

Stick them upright, make an inverted V-frame or get a bunch and tie one end together to form a wigwam. Bamboo canes can be used both to support crops and ornamentals.

2. String

String can be used as structural support for a variety of trailing and running crops, including peas and tomatoes.

3. Wire tower

A tower made of thick chicken wire or metal wire takes up little space, making it perfect for small vegetable gardens and containers alike. Anchor in the ground using stakes, canes or bent thick metal wires.


4. Trellises and lattices

Decorative features in most gardens, trellises and lattices may also be used to support ornamental plants like the bougainvillea and trailing rose bushes; and crops such as grapes and heavier gourds. Used free-standing or installed against a wall, trellises and lattices can made out of either wood or metal. These 2 are perfect for making living privacy screens in your garden or patio.

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5. Nets

Nets can be used to support crops pretty much the same way as string, and is best used for a larger area because it is easier to install.


6. Wire

Metal wires may be used pretty much in the same fashion as string. Metal chicken wire may be used to give shape to some plants, especially those used to make topiaries and living garden sculptures.

7. Support cages

Free-standing support cages for plants are available at home improvement stores and garden centers. These are usually made of metal and sometimes come coated in plastic.