6 More Essential Tools And Equipment For Your Garden

We’ve covered the basics tools to help you get started. Now, here are more essentials to help make working in your garden a breeze.

1. Wheelbarrow


From carrying heavy loads from one place to another, such as transferring bags of soil and big garden tools, to moving plants in pots and carrying piles of leaves to your compost heap, the wheelbarrow’s usefulness is nearly limitless. Aside from it’s practical uses, a wheel barrow can also be used as decoration in your garden. Turn it into a focal point by using it as a planter for some of your flowering plants.

2. Fork


Often seen in movies as a weapon against attacking zombie hordes, forks are very useful both on the farm and the home garden. Pitchforks are useful in tending your compost heap, picking up manure and management of bales of hay, grass and leaves. It’s cousin, the garden fork, is good for breaking up clods and digging through rocky soil.

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3. Saw

For trimming tree branches and cutting down shrubs.

4. Lawnmower


There are different types of lawnmowers to choose from these days. It’s very indispensable if you have, or plan to have, a large expanse of grass in your yard.

5. Ladder


For jobs when you need to be high up, such as pruning trees and tall shrubs, hanging planters on your porch or putting together a gazebo, the ladder is an invaluable thing to have around.

6. Hoe

Credit: Ishikawa Ken / flickr.com

Credit: Ishikawa Ken / flickr.com

A very useful farm tool, the hoe is what you need for soil the shovel just can’t crack. Use it to dig through rocky and hard soil. Hoes are also great for prepping a seed bed, whacking weeds, spreading mulch, making ditches and planting furrows.