4 Unusually-Shaped Fruits And Vegetables

It’s amazing what innovations farmers and growers come up with to make their crops much more interesting. With the use of plastic molds, they have managed to turn ordinary-looking fruits and vegetables into something fantastic and totally unusual.

Credit: laughlin / flickr.com

Credit: laughlin / flickr.com

1. Shaped Japanese watermelons

We’ve probably all heard and seen the cubed-shaped watermelons from Japan. These novelty fruits made such a buzz because of their square shape, totally unusual because watermelons are round. These watermelons are put in molds when the fruit get to a certain size, and are only removed from them when it’s time to harvest. It’s an incredible thing to look at, and sadly, it seems it’s good just for that: looking. Most cube-shaped watermelons are apparently bland and inedible due to the way it was grown.

There are other shapes that have been developed since the cube-shaped made its debut. Japan now has watermelons that are heart-shaped (which they claim are very sweet, unlike its square cousin), pyramid-shaped, bottle gourd-shaped, and even one that looks like it has a face. These novelty watermelons sell at a premium price, way more expensive than regular round ones, and were all only sold in Japan. These days however, the square shaped watermelons are available to customers overseas.

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2. Buddha-shaped pear

Another fruit that made the rounds on the Internet are these Buddha-shaped pears. According to articles published online, these oddly-shaped fruit was developed by a farmer in China, who used a mold to encase the young pears as they develop. The mold was removed once the fruit has grown, then left to develop more without it. The resulting shape is that of a little Buddha.

3. Star and heart-shaped cucumbers

Before, if you wanted cucumber hearts or stars, you have to cut them using specially-shaped cutters which can be time consuming. You have to cut the cucumber into thin slices first before you can proceed to cut out your shapes. But now, cutting them into shapes is so much easier because you can grow them already shaped like a star and a heart. Just like the watermelons and the pears above, cucumbers were grown in molds to give them their distinctive shapes. It seems these molds may also be used for other vegetables with similar shapes, such as eggplants and courgettes.

Credit: Maderibeyza / wikimedia.org

Credit: Maderibeyza / wikimedia.org

4.Heart-shaped tomato.

Tomatoes have been known to grow and develop into all sorts of shapes, and the heart is one of them. But these that are shaped naturally tend to look misshapen at times. Enter the heart-shaped mold. Growing tomatoes are placed inside the plastic and take on its shape once it fills out the mold. The result is a very cute, and perfectly formed heart-shaped tomato. Just like the cucumbers above, there’s also a star mold if you want starry-looking tomatoes for your salads and sandwiches.

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Would you try growing fruit and vegetables shaped like the ones above? What other crops would you grow this way, and what other shape might they be?