4 Easy Steps to Build A Simple Low Grow Tunnel

A low grow tunnel is perfect for covering your raised beds and vegetable beds in your home garden or allotment, allowing you to extend your growing season, so you can grow and harvest even during the colder months. And it’s so easy to do. Here’s how you can build a very simple, low one out of easy to source materials.


1. Gather your materials

Here’s what you’ll need:
PVC plumbing pipes
Heavy-duty plastic drop cloths or greenhouse plastic
Several pieces of rebar, about 2 feet long
Hack saw
Hammer or mallet

2. Measure

Measure the size of the area you’ll be covering. Each rib you make with the pipes should be evenly spaced.

3. Stake it

Drive the rebar in the ground, about halfway through the ground. Do this with the other rebar on both sides of your bed, making sure they are spaced evenly.

4. Assemble

Take one end of the pipe and slide it over the rebar on one end. Lightly pull and bend the other end slide that over the rebar on the other side. Do this for all your pipes. Drape the plastic drop cloth and weigh down the edges with bricks.

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When it’s time to harvest, water or check on your crops, simply remove the bricks and pull back the plastic. Recover and weigh down afterwards.