3 More Gardening Things To Do During Winter

There’s really not a lot to do during the winter months in the garden, not with everything covered in snow. So what can you do in these cold winter months while you’re waiting for the frost to thaw? Here are three activities to fill your idle gardening time.

1. Make Labels


If you plan to plant edibles in your garden, or planning on sowing summer seeds, now is a good time to make or write your labels. Chances are you’ll have more time to do this during the winter months since work in the garden is very minimal at this time. Take your time while doing this and write legibly. If you are feeling a bit crafty, do some custom designs for your tags, like printing out or drawing pictures of your plants to put on your labels.

2. Force-bloom bulbs


Forcing bulbs to bloom in winter allows you to have some spring color in your home your during winter. Ideally, bulbs should be prepped in advance if you want them to bloom in winter. Bulbs like the narcissus are chilled in autumn and then later brought out in winter for blooming. But amaryllis bulbs do not need to be chilled, so it’s a perfect bulb to try your hands on force blooming.

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3. Give your mower some TLC


Since your lawnmower won’t see any action all throughout the season, winter is definitely the best time to have it serviced. You can DIY it if you’re handy, or you may opt to have it serviced professionally. Giving your mower some much needed tender loving care will make it ready for action come spring.