20 Things To Do In July

Summer is in full swing, and some of the hottest days this season are ahead. There’s still plenty of things to do in the garden though. Here are 20 things to do in the garden this month.


1. Weed your garden. Apply a weed killer to your lawn if it’s necessary.

2. At the end of the month, you may start taking hardwood cuttings of your roses and semi-mature cuttings of your other shrubs. Cut diagonally near a node and plant in small containers.

3. Divide and replant your rhizomatous irises once they’ve stopped flowering.


4. Remove leaves and flowers that have wilted, fallen or dried off.

5. Keep your borders neat by cutting back overgrown plants. Deadhead bushes.

6. Earth up your potatoes. Plant second crop potatoes for continuous harvesting.

7. Summer prune your apple and other fruit-bearing trees.

8. Protect your crops by covering them with netting, or surrounding them with wire mesh.

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9. You can still plant out your cauliflowers and broccoli. If you’ve planted them out earlier, you may now start harvesting.


10. You can start harvesting leeks, beans, cucumber, kale, cabbage, lettuce, peas, squash, turnips and radishes. Harvest carrots, tomatoes , onions, celery, corn, peppers and tomatoes starting from the middle through the end of the month.

11. Start direct-sowing fall crops.

12. Harvest your herbs. You may dry them so you’ll have some herbs to use in the coming colder months. You may also freeze them.

13. Replenish the water in your bird bath with clean water.

14. Start thinking about your garden’s fall planting. Browse through catalogs and note down which plants you want to get.

15. Keep your lawn hydrated by watering it, especially during hot days.

16. Don’t forget to water your pots, containers and hanging baskets.


17. If the weather is hot and you have to mow the lawn, set your mower blades higher so you only chop off the top part of the grass blades and not cut close to the ground. Doing this helps the soil retain more water and moisture and will prevent it from drying out.

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18. Give the compost a turn.

19. Summer time also brings in the pests. Keep a look out for insects such as aphids, and worms that might be feasting on your plants and crops.

20. If you have a greenhouse, damp down it to make it more humid. Damping down is basically just watering the greenhouse floor.