19 Things To Do In May

Spring is now in full swing and will start winding down towards the end of the month. Here is a list of things to do in the garden this month.


1. Thin out the crops you’ve sown directly in the ground in the vegetable garden.

2. Once the threat of frost is past, sow or plant peas, cabbage, cucumbers, beans, beets, carrots, melons, peppers, corn and summer squash and more potatoes.

3. Place supports for your runners and climbers. Like beans and peas.\

4. Harvest asparagus, rhubarb, spring onions, spring cabbage and lettuce, spinach and garlic. Earth up your potatoes.


5. Remove weeds from both your vegetable garden and flower beds; apply a weed killer to your lawn.

6. Protect young strawberry fruit by surrounding the plant with straw to keep it from touching the ground.

7. Protect your plants from late frost by covering them with cloches or other cover, or placing them in a cold frame.

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8. Propagate plants by taking softwood and leaf cuttings.


9. Check for pests. Remove bugs such as aphids and other crawling things that might eat your plants and tender seedlings.

10. Harden off half-hardy plants. Take your half-hardy plants from the greenhouse and place them outdoors to get them used to their new environment.

11. Clean your bird feeder and make sure it is well-stocked with food to keep the birds coming. Make sure your bird bath is filled with clean water.

12. Make your pond.


13. If you already have a pond, clean it and fill it with water.
Plant aquatic plants and set them out in the pond. If you have a filter, make sure it’s in good working order before setting it out.

14. Remove wilted flowers from spring-blooming plants and trees once the flower show is over.
Deadhead when possible and if it’s needed.

15. Tend your compost pile. Toss and turn it to make sure everything will breakdown properly and evenly.

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16. Feed your plants with fertilizers, if needed, and more compost.


17. Take care of your lawn. Water regularly and fertilize if needed.

18. Re-pot houseplants that have grown too big for their containers. Divide them into clumps if needed and plant each clump in separate containers. Or plant them out in the garden.

19. Plant ground cover plants.