10 Basic Tools Every Gardener Should Have

Gardening requires a lot of work, and most of that work is done using tools. Using the right tools for the job ensures efficient results. But with all the tools and equipments out there, which should you get? Here are 9 basic tools to get your gardening arsenal started.

1. Gloves


There are plenty of different work gloves out there for different purposes. Gloves provide protection for hands from getting dirty, getting pricked by thorny plants and so on.

2. Shovel

Credit: Alex Medvick / flickr.com

Credit: Alex Medvick / flickr.com

For most of your digging needs, the shovel is the go-to tool.

3. Rake


Rakes are useful for leveling the soil, moving the mulch around plants and clearing leaves from the ground.

4. Hand rake

Credit: Abby Lanes / flickr.com

Credit: Abby Lanes / flickr.com

For those spots that the big rake can’t get to.

5. Trowel


Trowels or hand spades are small shovels that are handy when repotting plants or digging the dirt around them.

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6. Watering can


For controlled watering of plants, as well as easy watering for potted plants in and around the house.

7. Garden hose

Credit: Stefan Schmitz / flickr.com

Credit: Stefan Schmitz / flickr.com

For watering large areas such as lawns, beds and borders.

8. Secateurs


Secateurs are small pruners that are perfect for pruning thin branches and cutting flowers.

9. Shears

Credit: Riley / flickr.com

Credit: Riley / flickr.com

Used for pruning hedges and taller shrubs.

10. A hat


Because gardening is an outdoor activity, a gardener finds himself under the sun most of the time. Protect your head from the heat with wide- brimmed hats to shield your face and eyes from the sun.