17 Summer Flowers For A June Wedding

Planning a wedding this June? Decorate with flowers that are in season to save on money. Below are some flowers that are in bloom this month. You can use all of these entirely on their own, or mix them up in bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for the wedding party, and, arrangements for your venue.



If cherry blossoms are to spring, then sunflowers are to summer as nothing says “Summer is here!” better than a field of sunflowers in full bloom. The sunflower is perfect for rustic and country-style garden weddings.


Gerberas come in two sizes: the regular ones and the mini ones. Use regular-sized gerberas for the bouquets of the bride and her entourage, and the mini ones for the boutonnieres of the groom and his groom’s men. Gerberas look great with roses and sprays of baby’s breath, and in arrangements with sunflowers and cornflowers.


Credit: Garry Knight / flickr.com

Credit: Garry Knight / flickr.com

This sweet-scented flower come in a wide range of colors and markings, and have always been favorites as summer cut flowers in homes. If you don’t happen to have these growing in your garden, that’s okay. They’re available at florists almost year -round, and are actually quite inexpensive. They’re also long-lasting, lasting up to two weeks in vases. Alstromeria go well with roses.

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The small blue flowers of the cornflower would look good in a monochromatic color motif or mixed with yellows and greens. Cornflowers go well with sunflowers,gerberas, and roses. Great wedding idea: use cornflowers in the bride’s bouquet for her “something blue!”


These long-stemmed flowers would look good in a bouquet of well selected flowers, but it’s beauty shines more when it’s used on its own. Callas come in different colors (white, cream, yellow, deep reds) and are good both for short and long-stemmed bouquets. Mix with roses and cymbidium orchids for a modern bridal garden bouquet.



Its most well-known color is blue, even though it comes in a wide spectrum of colors. Irises start blooming in spring and well into summer, so there’s an abundance of iris flowers to use for a June wedding. Just like the cornflower, you may use the blue iris as the “something blue” for your bride. Use as a frilly collar to delicate light yellow, light pink or cream-colored roses buds that are just about to open in bouquets and low table centerpieces.


For a truly summer feel, choose the bright-as-the-sun yellow daffodil. Mix with blue iris for a high-contrast arrangement.

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Delphinium flowers bloom on long stalks. These are perfect if you want to have tall table centerpieces or arrangements with long sprays. But don’t limit them to just that. You may cut them into shorter lengths to use in bouquets. The flowers come in shades of blue, violet, pink and white.



Freesias, like alstromerias, have a very sweet scent. They look great in arrangements with roses and cymbidium orchids.

Lilium ‘Stargazer’ and ‘Casablanca’

These lilies can definitely stand on their own in bridal bouquets and floral décor. But they’d also look just as great paired with the right flowers. The white ‘Casablanca’ looks absolutely stunning in a bouquet with chartreuse or white cymbidium orchids.

Likewise, the more intensely colored ‘Stargazer’ looks just as good with them. These lilies also look great with roses.

Cymbidium orchids

Credit: Guillaume Paumier / flickr.com

Credit: Guillaume Paumier / flickr.com

For a tropical-style garden wedding, using orchids is the way to go. These cymbidium orchids are popular choices to use in weddings, especially if the wedding is outdoors as they can hold up well against the summer heat. They come in large and mini sizes.Use large cymbidium flowers to decorate the bride’s hair. Float these in shallow bowls of water with votive candles or place inside tall, clear glass cylinders filled with water for your table center pieces. Use in a mixed bouquet with roses and freesia.

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Use large peony blooms with a mix of flowers like roses, stock, lisianthus, freesias and delphiniums.


The small, 1-inch flowers of stock grow in tightly packed bunches on stalks and come in different colors. Although a spring bloomer, it remains in bloom well into June so you can still use it for weddings this month. Use as fillers in mixed arrangements, low or tall sprays for table center pieces, or hang them upside down to form a cascade of blooms for the ceremony arch.


These rose look-alikes come in whites, purples and pinks, with some varieties having petals that come tinged in another color. Planning a mixed arrangement? Lisianthus look good together with roses, stock and freesias. For a more rustic , hand-picked look, mix it with delphiniums, gerberas and cornflowers.



With its wide variety of colors and sizes, roses are probably the most commonly used and most popular choice for weddings, often used as the foundation for many a bridal bouquet and floral wedding décor.