10 Flowering Bulbs For Your Spring Garden

Flowering bulbs are great because most of them are easy- to grow and give out beautiful displays of color once in bloom. Ideally, most spring flowering bulbs should be planted in the fall or early winter, whilst some, like the freesia, may be planted in early spring. But if you weren’t able to plant your bulbs back then, you may get some potted shoots from your local nursery for planting in your beds or containers. I’ve compiled 10 bulbs that will bring color to your garden all through spring.

1. Iris


Irises are perennial plants that grow not just from bulbs but also from rhizomes, and make up a genus of up to 300 species of flowering plants. These vary in size and height, but have one thing in common- they have beautiful, showy flowers that come in all sorts of color, except maybe true red. Irises bloom from spring all through summer depending on the variety. An early spring bloomer is the Iris reticulata that is hardy in zones 3-9. Plant in an area that receives full sun.

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2. Daffodils


Daffodils form another large group of flowering bulbs that bloom all throughout spring. Plant in areas that get full sun/ partial sun. Most daffodils are hardy in zones 3-9.

3. Lily of the valley


The dainty, little bell-like flowers of this shade loving plant bloom in early spring. Planted in mass under a tree or amongst rocks, the leaves provide an excellent ground cover, whilst the flowers fill the air with a beautiful scent. Hardy in zones 3-9.

4. Crocus


Crocuses, with their cup-shaped flowers, are one of the earliest plants to bloom in spring. Some crocuses, though, like Crocus sativus whose stamens are harvested for saffron, bloom in late summer to and autumn. Hardy in zones 3-8.

5. Snowdrop


Like the crocus, the snowdrop is another early spring bloomer, poking through even if the snow hasn’t fully melted. Hardy in zones 3-9.

6. Hyacinths


Hyacinths have small, star shaped flowers that grow and bloom in clusters atop a single stalk. Flower colors range from pinks, purple, yellow and white that come into bloom in early spring. Hardy in zones 4-9, in partial to full sun.

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7. Grape hyacinth


Grape hyacinths have small, deep blue blooms that look like clusters of grapes. These look beautiful planted in mixed beds and stunning on it’s own as a ground cover. Hardy in zones 3-9.

8. Scillas


Scillas, depending on the the species, bloom at different times during spring. The Spanish blue bell, above, blooms in late spring; the English blue bells flower in mid-spring while the squill comes into bloom early in spring.

9. Tulips


Much like roses, tulips are popular as cut flowers and a favorite of gardeners to grow, with the wide variety of floral shapes and colors available. Hardy in zones 3-8.

10. Freesia

Credit: Paul Sullivan / flickr.com

Credit: Paul Sullivan / flickr.com

Freesias bloom in late spring into summer, with flowers ranging in color from red, pink, orange, white and blue. These low maintenance plants are hardy in zones 9-10 only. Plant in beds or containers that receive partial to full sun.

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