11 Kiwano Melon Facts Worth Knowing

If you’re here, then that means you’re looking for some information about the kiwano melon, an unusual-looking fruit that looks straight out of a science fiction movie. Well, it might actually be. Read on to learn more about this bright-colored, horn-covered fruit.


1. The kiwano melon is fruit that grows from an annual vine native to Africa.

2. It is related to melons and cucumbers, coming from the family Cucurbitaceae.

3. The kiwano is also known as the horned melon because of the small “horns” or spikes protruding out of it’s skin. It’s other names include melano, hedged gourd and jelly melon.


4. Owing to its physical similarity to a puffed-up blowfish the kiwano is also sometimes referred to as the “blowfish fruit.”

5. It was featured on an episode of Star Trek, as the alien fruit “Golana melon.”

6. The skin of an unripe kiwano is green but turns a deep yellow orange to orange color when it ripens.

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7. Its inside is made up of a pulpy lime green center full of seeds. The texture is similar to that of a cucumber and has a bit of a tart taste.


8. A kiwano is eaten by cutting it open and scooping out the pulp. Apparently,the peel is also edible.

9. Use the kiwano melon in salsa, salads and even in drinks.

10. It has moderate levels of vitamins C as well vitamins A and some B vitamins. It also has iron, calcium and other minerals.

11. If you’re thinking of planting it, the kiwano is hardy in zones 10 upwards of the USDA Hardiness Map.