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3 Awesome Alternatives To Indoor Gardening and Landscaping

We love indoor plants, but wouldn’t it be great if you could actually recreate landscapes indoors? Well you sort of actually can. Read on to learn more about the ways how you can do so. 1. Aquascapes Aquascaping, in a nutshell, is gardening underwater. To be more precise, gardening underwater in fishtanks. There are different types of aquascaping, some of which are below. Dutch Style The Dutch style is characterized by a densely planted tank with plants that have varying

How to Repair Your Garden Deck

Summertime is a great time to go out on your backyard deck to enjoy the bight sunlit days and calm warm nights. But what if your deck looks a little worse for wear? It’s probably time to do a quick check and make some small repairs to your deck, before rotting planks lead to a very bad accident. Removing mold and mildew Get yourself a bucket of hot, soapy water and a good hard yard brush and scrub away a

How To Plant A Hanging Basket

Hanging baskets are great ways to adorn both indoor and outdoor spaces with beautiful blooms and lively plants. It also takes up no floor space and makes use of vertical space that’s usually not used. Making one is very easy — here’s how. What you’ll need: Wire basket You may also use hanging plastic plant pots in place of wire baskets. These are both available in different sizes, so pick one to suit your needs. Wire basket liner Potting mix

How To Make A Succulent Rock Garden

A rock garden is one type of garden whose main design component are rocks. This is perfect for properties that are naturally rocky but can also be perfect garden options for areas that have a dry and hot climate, or places where water maybe scarce. It’s also a good option if you tend to forget watering your plants or would prefer a garden that uses less water and is low maintenance. Depending on how you style it, a rock garden

24 Wonderful Lighting Ideas For Your Garden

The garden’s beauty is usually appreciated when it is bathed in sunlight, and usually its beauty gets lost once darkness takes over. But it need not be. Keep your garden looking great even at night time. Below are ways of illuminating the garden. Choose LEDS when possible to save on energy. And use solar lamps if you can. Take advantage of full sun exposure by going solar. There are plenty of ready to use solar garden lamps available with prices

Plant Suggestions for a Low Water Garden

Water is one of Mother Earth’s most precious resources, and we as gardeners should do our part in conserving and protecting it. Many home owners have started switching to low-water gardens – eliminating plants that have high water requirements in extreme heat conditions, such as garden sod, rose bushes, and exotic species. These plants are being replaced with hardier plants that are used to more arid climates – including Mediterranean plants, dessert plants, and cacti and succulents. If you’re considering

4 Ways to Maintain Privacy In Your Garden

Do you want to keep your garden to be a private, secret place that peering eyes from outside wouldn’t see? Or define your property and provide protection from intruders, both human and wild alike? Here are 4 ways to keep eyes and passers by from peering into your lot. 1. Privacy screens Screens are free standing barriers that you can move around, but screens may lo be set in place if you wish. Some screens can fully block line of

How To Make A Pond Using Pond Liner

A plastic pond liner has been the go-to material for making ponds for decades, and they are perfect for making any sized pond you may wish to make. 1. Define the shape of the pond by marking it out on the soil. A length of rope or your garden hose will do the trick. 2. Remove the grass if you’re digging through lawn. 3. Dig and excavate the soil to the depth that you want, making sure that the excavation

Pond In A Pot

A container pond is a great way to add a water feature in an otherwise tiny space. You can place it in a small garden, the front porch, a patio, even indoors. The basics Container. Anything that can hold water: a big plant container or planter made of ceramic, cement or clay; a galvanized tub; a trough or wooden barrel. Aquatic plants. Choose from a mix of underwater plants, marginal and floating plants. Water. Because a pond is just sad

Make A Pond 3 Ways

A pond is a water feature that’s a very welcome addition to any garden, and it’s surprisingly quite easy to make. Below are three choices to choose from, based on material, if you wish to install a pond in your garden. Pond liners Pond liners are made from a type of plastic that come as thick, rolled sheets. Pond liners can be used to make all sizes and shapes of ponds, from the smallest, to the biggest you can you

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