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4 Easy Steps To Build A Simple Cold Frame

A cold frame is basically a small greenhouse where you can keep growing crops well into the colder months of fall and winter. It’s a space-saving way of extending your growing season, and starting off your plants early if you don’t have the space for a greenhouse. This project is relatively easy to do and is a great way to reuse old windows and timber.

How to Build a Fire Pit

John Anes

Building a fire pit in your backyard can be a truly rewarding experience. Just imagine: lazy summer nights just chatting with friends around a cheerful fire, sipping cold drinks and grilling some nice things to eat. Sounds like paradise right? We can help you get there with these simple and easy-to-follow instructions. Select a spot for your pit. Choose a place that will provide room to walk around the fire, away from plants, fences, or any other kinds of flammable

How to Build a Raised Garden Bed

Alachua County

Building a raised garden bed is fairly simple, and has huge benefits. Raised garden beds are great for growing small plots of veggies and flowers, keeping pathways clear, and acting as barriers to pests. Raised garden beds also reduce back strain from bending over to tend to plants — which is especially helpful to older gardeners or people with bad backs. The first step is to select a good location for your garden bed. It can be a nice corner

7 Materials You Can Use For A Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are good features in the garden. Both high and low, they’re perfect for defining your property and particular areas in your garden. They’re good alternatives to hedges because maintenance wouldn’t be as frequent. They’re also very useful to help level a sloping property, creating a barrier on one end to create a pit that you can fill with material. This in turn makes the area much more usable and easier to plant. Retaining walls can also be used

Four Supercool Gadgets for Your Garden

Chun Kit To

Parrot Flower Power Parrot Flower Power is a sensor that can be “planted” close to a plant, indoors or outdoors, in a pot or in open ground. It precisely measures, in real time, the parameters that are crucial for the growth and good health of plants: soil moisture, fertilizer, ambient temperature, and light intensity. The data retrieved by the Parrot Flower Power is sent to your Smartphone or Tablet using Bluetooth low energy technology, allowing it to communicate with Bluetooth

Three Alternative Ways to Water Your Garden During a Drought

Tim J Keegan

Saving water for your garden during the drought season doesn’t just mean cutting back on water usage. Sometimes, all it needs is a bit of creativity when sourcing your water to get the job done. Here are three out-of-the ordinary ways you can keep watering your garden even during dry months. Use a Rain Barrel Collecting rain water is a super practical method to stock up on water before droughts. Keep a few garbage cans or other large clean barrels

Xeriscaping And Why It Might Be For You

If you’re looking for a garden style that’s beautiful but low maintenance and water efficient, then a xeriscaped garden might be for you. Read on to learn more of what xeriscaping is about. What is xeriscaping? Xeriscaping is gardening and landscaping that uses methods and creative design to reduce the use of water. It is perfect for hot climates, arid regions and where freshwater is scarce, but it would also work in other areas throughout the country. It conserves water.

Three Easy Ways to Conserve Water During Drought Season

Anthony Quintano

Most people think that saving on water during the dry months is a huge sacrifice — and it is, especially if you live in hot and dry areas like California or Nevada. However, there are also small ways that everyone can do to help conserve water, drought season or not. Here are three quick and easy ideas. Use a watering can, not a hose. #wateringcan #lupins #garden #presqueisle #maine #presqueislemaine #plants #flowers #summer #july #northernmaine #igersmaine #farm #porch A post

Ways to Decorate your Garden for Independence Day

Celebrating independence day shouldn’t be limited to barbecues and fireworks. Make your celebration more vibrant by dressing up your garden in patriotic colors and trimmings for the perfect Fourth of July party setting. Red, White, and Blue Flowers The best patriotic look your garden can sport is one where the actual plants are done up in red, white, and blue. Unlike other methods, this requires more planning and care, but it also has the strongest visual impact. To pull off

How to Make a Simple Backyard Hammock

It’s the beginning of summer, and everyone is looking forward to spending lazy days in the back yard soaking up the sun. Why not make the experience more enjoyable and more memorable by making and putting up a simple backyard hammock? All it talks is some fabric, rigging supplies, and a knack for using a sewing machine. Check out this easy how-to! Materials 3 yards of canvas or other sturdy fabric 15 feet of 1 inch webbing  matching thread 2

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