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13 Unusual Uses For Plants, Flowers, Fruits And Vegetables

From art to beauty remedies, here are some uses you might not normally associate with plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Bananas In the Philippines, a banana trunk is sometimes used in large floral arrangements instead of floral foam. Banana peel can be used as shoe polish. Use the underside of the peel (the slippery part). Herbs Use sprigs of herbs instead of a brush to brush on basting liquid or sauce to your grilled meat. This helps add more flavor

How To Plant Potatoes

Potatoes are usually planted in March, but you can still plant them in April and May. Main crop potatoes planted at this time can be harvested in the summer through autumn which is about 15 weeks after planting. A second crop can be harvested around December from an August planting. Get seed potatoes. Seed potatoes are what you need to start planting. These are small potato tubers about the size of a small egg that have small shoots-called eyes- already

Three Ways to Earn from your Garden

It is every person’s dream to earn from something they love. When that something you love is gardening, there’s so much potential for earning that you’d wonder why people don’t spend 24/7 in their own gardens. And we don’t just mean selling the crops off your land. Whether you have acres and acres of land, or a moderately-sized patio, your land has endless possibilities waiting to be unearthed. Setting up a Seed and Seedling Bank Selling produce, flowers and produce

14 Herbs For Your Home Garden

Herbs have long been used to flavor food, and having an herb garden right outside your kitchen is a dream for most home cooks. If you’d like to start your own little herb garden, below are 14 popular and easy to grow herbs. 1. Basil Sow basil seeds directly in the ground in late spring or sow in early spring and transplant seedlings come summer. Basil leaves have a mild, spicy flavor. Use basil leaves in pasta sauces, salads, soups,

Making Oils from Garden Herbs

Herbal infusion oils have plenty of uses – you can use it to flavor cooking, treat skin and nails, disinfect the home, and many others without having to rely on harsh chemicals and non-organic substances. Probably the best part of using herbal infusion oils is making herbal infusion oils. You’ll soon discover that it is fun, relaxing, and even profitable – and it can all be done in two simple steps. Harvesting the Herbs Usually, harvesting is best done before

Herb Planting And Growing Tips

Get access to herbs whenever you need them by having your own herb garden. Below are some tips for planting and growing herbs in your home garden. Use a rich, moist but well draining soil when planting herbs. Beware the fertilizer. Using too much can affect the herbs’ flavor. Just adding compost during planting is enough to provide your herbs with the nutrients needed for growing. Contain invasive herbs such as mint by planting them in growing bags or pots.

How to Preserve Herbs: Five Ways

Once you get your little plot of herbs started, you can look forward to many months of plenty. But what if your garden is a little too productive? No worries — as herbs are some of the easiest garden produce to preserve! By following our five quick and easy suggestions, you can enjoy delicious herbs in your home cooking for weeks to come! Freezing Freezing is easiest method to preserve herbs, and works best for leafy herbs like basil, cilantro,

7 Unusual Herbs for your Garden

If your idea of a great herb garden is contained in the lyrics of Scarborough Fair, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a bit and throw in a few new herbs to party with your parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Here are our best bets for herbs you should welcome in your garden. Stevia If you’re keeping herbs for classic tisanes, consider planting stevia to round out your tea time. Stevia is a perennial from South America that has

Easy-To-Grow Vegetables and Herbs

Here at Rake & Shovel, we want to encourage even the greenest of greenhorn gardeners to get their hands dirty! Often times, new gardeners are intimidated by the thought of growing fruits and vegetables in their backyards, containers, and window sills. But don’t worry – help is on the way, with these easy-to-grow and easy-to-care for fruits and vegetables! Tomato Tomatoes like Celebrity, Sweet 100, and Summer Girl are all fantastic choices for your beginners’ garden. You’ll need to make

4 Easy-To-Grow Fruits

Some might think that fruits are not at all easy to grow in a home garden, but that is far from true. You can easily grow fruit right in your own backyard, balcony, and even indoors. Below are 4 of the easiest fruits you can grow at home. 1. Strawberries Strawberries are probably the easiest fruits to grow, growing well both planted in the ground and even in small containers. So easy in fact, that they can even be grown

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