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7 Reasons To Keep A Garden Journal

One very useful tool for gardeners and growers is a garden journal. It’s a record of useful information and techniques that can help you keep track of everything that pertains to your garden. If you don’t have one yet, it’s never too late to start your own. Here are 7 reasons why you should start your own garden journal today. 1. Plant information. Keep all your plants’ information inside the journal so they’re all in one place. Information from the

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Chickens In Your Garden

If you like to grow your own vegetables, and are very much into growing food organically, then keeping chickens in your garden might be something to consider. Taking care of chickens is not that hard, and even the smallest of gardens can benefit from having a chicken or two living in it. Here are 5 reasons why. 1. Rich, chicken manure. Chicken manure is rich in nitrogen which plants love. You can add chicken manure to your compost bin to

Gardening Jones and her Passion for Gardening

For master gardener Jeanne Kunz Hugenbruch, gardening is not just a solo activity she takes on in her own garden. It’s an activity she shares with the world through the valuable lessons and tips she shares on respected blog, Gardening Jones. GJ, as she is commonly known to her followers, started gardening thirty years ago to provide healthy food for her family. But as the passion and addiction to gardening grew, she couldn’t help but share all her learnings to

4th of July Garden Party Recipes

Kevin Galens

Family and friends gathering in your garden for a 4th of July picnic is one of the best things that can happen in a truly memorable summer. Why not make the party even more fantastic by serving your version of tried-and-tested all-American favorites? We’ve got four suggestions that are right up your alley – let’s get cooking! 😀 Golden Potato Salad Ingredients 2 pounds small Yukon gold potatoes 2 large eggs Kosher salt 1/2 bunch sliced scallions, white and green

4th of July Garden Party Ideas

Adam Baker

Are you planning to throw a garden party for family and friends this 4th of July? What better way to celebrate our great country’s independence than having a great time with good people. Why not make it memorable with these special touches that are sure to brighten everyone’s Independence Day weekend? Here are a couple of fun and easy ideas! Snack Cones Serve snacks like potato chips, popcorn, and mini pretzels in colorful paper cones. To make the cones, cut paper

10 Ideas For Summer Window Boxes and Containers

1. Attach a long, rectangular pot outside your kitchen window. And place potted herbs inside. No need to replant them. Now, you have easy access to herbs when ever you need them! 2. If your window receives full sun most of the day, you can also plant your window boxes with flowers for cutting. 3. Adorn your balcony’s railing with several containers filled with different colored blooms. Make sure they are securely attached to your balcony railing to prevent it

3 Awesome Alternatives To Indoor Gardening and Landscaping

We love indoor plants, but wouldn’t it be great if you could actually recreate landscapes indoors? Well you sort of actually can. Read on to learn more about the ways how you can do so. 1. Aquascapes Aquascaping, in a nutshell, is gardening underwater. To be more precise, gardening underwater in fishtanks. There are different types of aquascaping, some of which are below. Dutch Style The Dutch style is characterized by a densely planted tank with plants that have varying

Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Gardener

When it comes to dating, gardeners are absolutely the worst people to consider. Here are our top reasons why: They’ll make sure you’re well-fed. What is up with gardeners and produce? Do they think feeding you day in and day out with fresh, nutritious, and delicious fruits and vegetables is a good thing? These locally grown, in-season crops go straight from your garden to your table, making you miss out on the fun of driving to the grocery, picking from

How to Make Quick and Easy Summer Berry Jam

Summer berries are one of the best reasons to plant and tend to a garden. These sweets and delicious mini-fruits are perfect in cakes, pies, and parfaits. They are also perfect for making home-made jams and jellies – and making them into jam is the best way to keep them for longer. We have a quick and easy recipe for summer berry jam that will take you all of thirty minutes – so let’s jam! Ingredients 750 gm mixed summer

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