How to Make Herb Infusion Soap

We showed you on Rake & Shovel how to make herb infusion oils. Now it’s time to put those herbal infusion oils to good use by incorporating them into homemade herb infusion soap. It’s really easy, and if you follow basic safety instructions, lots of fun. Why not give it a try?

saponifier / Pixabay


A digital scale capable of 5 lbs measurement.
2 glass bulb thermometers that can measure up to 200° Fahrenheit.
A stick blender.
A high temperature plastic jar (to mix the sodium hydroxide and water).
A long-handled plastic mixing spoon.
A ladle.
Two large plastic bowls.
Soap molds.


Makes 28 bars
24oz Cold Distilled Water
12oz Sodium Hydroxide (Also called lye)
74oz Olive Oil
14oz Coconut Oil (For added moisture)
12 oz Herb Infusion Oil (Peppermint, Lavender, and Thyme work best)


Add lye to water in a high temperature plastic container outside of house. Do not breathe fumes. Always add Lye to water (not reverse). Caution: Temperature of mixture will rise to approximately 195ºF. Stir mixture with plastic spoon.

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Mix oils and microwave to 110ºF.

Allow lye to cool (place in bowl of cold water to speed up cooling).

When both solutions are at 110ºF, add lye solution to the oil mixture. Blend with stick blender until the mixture reaches “trace” where you can see a film on top of the soap that traces the line of the stick blender. Ladle into molds.

Handle bars with care for next two days. PH will be high and can burn the skin for the first 48 hrs. The PH will settle to neutral after this.

Place molds in freezer for 30 minutes to help separate the soap from the molds. Allow 6-8 weeks to air dry before use.