How to Make a Bird Feeder for Your Garden

Birds are a great addition to any garden: they are pretty and playful, their chirps and songs bring a sense of peace, and they are an effective natural deterrent for unwanted insects and other pests. Attract more birds to your garden with these whimsical teacup bird feeders – they are a cinch to make, and look wonderful in a country-style or Victorian-style garden.

tea cup and saucer

Materials Needed

3 feet of 1/2 inch copper plumbing pipe
copper cap
sand paper
mixing tray and bamboo stick

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Sand the bottom of the copper cap, the bottom of cup, the inside of saucer, and the bottom of saucer. This will help to make them adhere better.

Mix the superglue in the mixing tray and stir with the stick. Use the stick to apply superglue on the bottom of the teacup and the inside of the saucer. Hold them together for a few minutes. Very carefully turn it over, and use the stick again to apply superglue to the bottom of the copper cap.
Poke the copper pipe into the ground where you would like the birdfeeder to sit. When the glue has dried completely, just pop the teacup on the copper pipe using the copper cap to hold it securely in place. Fill with birdseed and enjoy!

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