Host a Party for Harry Potter’s Birthday!

Did you know that 31st July is not only the birthday of the Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter, but also of the author of the series J.K. Rowling? If you’re a big Potterhead, you should be celebrating in style with this momentous double occasion! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


You can download a template online and print it out. To get the aged look, spray the paper with coffee or sponge lightly with a wet teabag. Click here for more detailed instructions.


Put a “wax seal” on your Hogwarts letter with some red Play-Doh and a penny or a fancy embossed brooch. Check out this link for details.


Lastly, make the letters appear to be flying out of your fireplace with the help of some fishing line and duct tape. Get more instructions here.


You can actually purchase pre-made wands online to give away to your guests, but why not make some of your own with some chopsticks, hot glue, and paint? Click here for the how-to.

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Don’t just let your guests pick out a wand — turn it into a really unique experience by turning it into a random pick. After all — the wand chooses the wizard!

For a touch of whimsy in the room, decorate it with “flying keys” — replica keys tied with gauze and strung around the room. Accompany with fairy lights if desired 🙂 Get more decorating hints here.


Turn ordinary gumballs into Honeydukes’ signature Droobles Best Blowing Gum with a creative sign — just like on this site.


Make Butterbeer that will rival the Three Broomsticks’ recipe using these instructions.


Or, have a Potions lesson and whip up these color-changing drinks from this site.


Now for a fun theme for your photobooth — recreate Sirius Blacks’ infamous Wanted poster and let everyone go crazy! Check out the how-to from this site.


Scare the crap out of people (get it?) by summoning Moaning Myrtle into your toilet! It’s really easy!

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Last but not least, burn off all that sugar you’ve had with an energetic game of Quidditch! You can make up the rules as you go, or you can get inspiration from this site.