Garden Photography Basics

If your garden is your pride and joy you should be able to share it with the world – then what better way than to take photos for prints and for sharing online. But what if your talent is with a rake and shovel and not a camera? These simple garden photography basics will help you get started.


Shoot a variety of shots including wide-angle or panoramic, medium, and close-ups or macro of flowers, insects, and other interesting garden items. Look for clean lines and strong colors. Make your photographs more graphical by filling the frame with a single color or texture.

Don’t limit yourself to one format, shoot horizontal and vertical images. Sometimes changing the camera’s orientation will get rid of a distracting background or cause you to see a new element you had missed before.


Early morning and late afternoon offer the best lighting of the day. Shooting during these times limits the harsh, bright light of the mid-day sun. Overcast skies also provide you with naturally diffused lighting.

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Don’t just photograph the flowering blooms. Photograph vegetables and trees, handmade objects, or structures—the things that give your garden its personality.