Our Four Favorite Woodworking Blogs

Recently on Rake and Shovel we have been on a DIY spree, and have been reading up on blogs from topics such as crafting, knitting, and woodworking. There are millions of DIY blogs out there, but we have our favorites. Check out our four favorite woodworking blogs!

Unsplash / Pixabay


The “woodworking” tag on Makezine.com is a goldmine! The online version of popular DIY magazine Make, Makezine.com gives you not just woodworking how-to’s, but also has a shop to help you source raw materials and equipment to make every doohickey imaginable!

The Wood Whisperer

A self-taught woodworker who used to be in the biotech industry, The Wood Whisperer’s Marc J. Spagnuolo has an impressive archive of projects for you to make on your own. His site also has a fantastic collection of how-to videos that are light-hearted and energetic so you don’t fall asleep mid-project

Drunken Woodworker

Drunken Woodworker is a tongue-in-cheek blog dealing with author and videographer David Picciuto’s two passions: woodworking and drinking. There is even a section on the blog dedicated to woodworking projects involving beer, wine, and spirits! Even you’re not an avid drinker, there is still plenty to learn on his blog, including office projects, kitchen projects, and upcycling.

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Lumberjocks isn’t so much a blog as it is a community of carpentry and woodworking enthusiasts. At Lumberjocks, members can share plans, on-going projects, and finished products. There is even a message board where you can ask fellow Lumberjock members for tips on how to deal with certain problems with your projects!