Backyard Camping for Kids

Who says you need to drive out of town to have fun camping? Having a camp-out in your backyard is a great way to experience the outdoors for younger children who aren’t used to “roughing it.” It is also a great way to reconnect with older children who are permanently connected to their smartphones and tablets. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step One: Prepare


Make sure you get all the gear out. Set up a tent, sleeping bags, and flashlights. Also, don’t forget to pack some bug spray and sunscreen to protect everyone. Make a pact to not go in the house unless it is to use the bathroom. If you feel more like you are “roughing it” it will make the experience more authentic.

Step Two: Cook


Pack a cooler with the usual things you would eat camping: drinks, snacks, hotdogs etc. Plan meals around what you would normally cook when camping. Make sure to set up an outdoor trash bin to keep your campsite clean. This will also minimize trips inside and make it easy to clean up when it’s time to “go home.”

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Step Three: Have Fun!


Plan to play some fun camping games. Board games are a really fun offline way to play as a group! Since you are camping, try to go technology free — no tablets, no smartphones, and no connecting to the home wi-fi router. Just like on a real camping trip, make sure you pack your camera so you can capture those memories!