6 Ways To Invite Birds Into Your Garden

There’s nothing more pleasant than hearing the beautiful songs that songbirds sing on a bright, sunny day. Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed waking up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping tunes from the tree outside my bedroom window. You too can enjoy the sounds and sights of these colorful and melodious performers right in your backyard. The suggestions below will help you create an inviting garden that birds will find irresistibly welcoming.

1. Install a bird feeder


One of the easiest ways of inviting birds is by installing a bird feeder. Once the birds know that there is an unlimited supply of food in your garden, they’d keep coming back for return visits. Who knows, maybe even with other feathery friends. Fill it with a mixture of nuts and seeds that you know the birds you wish to attract like. Check out our guide on how to make a suet feeder if you’d like to make one yourself. It’s easy as pie! If you’d like to attract hummingbirds, which feed on nectar, then install a liquid bird feeder. Just remember to keep your feeders stocked and clean, and a good distance away from your window to keep the birds from flying into the glass.

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2. Plant trees, shrubs and tall grasses


These are natural habitats for birds, so planting these in your garden will definitely be a invitation for them to fly in and hang out for awhile. Fruits are also part of some bird’s diets, so planting fruit bearing trees and shrubs is also a good idea to help attract birds.

3. Put in a bird bath and other drinking sources

Birds, wild as they are, also enjoy quick baths now and again. Install a bird bath in your garden and you’ll soon see them flocking to it, playfully rolling around in the water and chirping animatedly. Bird baths are also good as a drinking source for birds, providing a stop where they can rest and take a few, cool sips. Make sure to keep it filled with clean water.

4. Plant colorful flowers.


Planting colorful flowers attracts insects, which in turn attracts the birds that feed on them. Some birds also find flowers very appetizing, like the hummingbird.

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5. Put up bird houses


Putting up places to nest is basically inviting the birds to come and stay. Make sure the bird houses are big enough, have good ventilation, and not easily accessible by children and pets.

6. Keep the cat away


At least, from the birds and their feeding and “living” areas. Cats often prey on birds, and knowing that there is a threat will keep the birds from ever coming.