6 Ways To Enjoy Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are probably the most popular tree flower every spring, with countless people going to see them bloom in places such as Washington and Japan each year. But aside from just watching the beautiful cherry blossoms on the tree, what else can you do to enjoy them? Here are 6 ways you can enjoy them more.


1. Take pictures.

Get your camera and head outside to where the cherry trees bloom. The cherry tree, or the sakura, loves putting on a spectacular show every spring that’s worth recording on film -or in these times- a memory card. Share your pictures with your friends and the rest of the world by posting them online, or have them printed to add to your scrapbook, or framed to hang inside your home.

2. Dry them.

Collect fallen petals or get whole flowers and press them in a book,or preserve them using a desiccating medium. Use in crafts such as homemade stationery, decorate greeting cards and bookmarks, potpourri and home decorations.

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3. Arrange in a vase.

Take the beauty of spring indoors by cutting some branches with blossoms and arrange them in a vase of water. You can also try checking your local florist and see if they’re stocking some cherry branches. Not only will the cherry blossoms liven up your space, but the fragrant flowers will also make it smell wonderful.

4. Have pickled cherry blossoms.

In Japan, people extend their enjoyment of the sakura to having food and drinks infused with them. One popular item hitting shelves at this time is pickled cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are harvested and preserved with salt and plum vinegar. You may eat it on it’s own, or use it to flavor drinks, dishes and desserts. If you’d like to try it, you can try looking for it at your local Japanese or Asian grocery, order online, or make some right at home. Check out how in this tutorial.

Credit: cnishiyama / flickr.com

Credit: cnishiyama / flickr.com

5. Make cherry blossom tea.

Enjoy a cup of warm, fragrant sakurayu, or cherry blossom tea, on those cool spring days. You can buy ready made cherry blossom flavored tea bags at the store,or make some of your own using pickled cherry blossoms. Simply get some pickled cherry blossoms, rinse out to remove the pickling solution and steep in some hot water. You may also make sakurayu by preparing regular green tea and adding some fresh blossoms to it.

Credit: Mako / flickr.com

Credit: Mako / flickr.com

6. Cook it. Bake it.

Pickled cherry blossoms has a lot of culinary uses. You can use it to make sakura rice, cheesecakes, jelly, cookies and macarons. This website has a list of sakura recipes for you to try.

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